About Around My Veggie Garden


My name is Eve.

I have been gardening for 40+ years. Even when I was a kid growing up on our farm, I had to pull weeds, plant seeds & plants, plus hoe the rows. We always had plenty to do during the gardening season. After the harvest, we still had lots to do since we canned the crops for our big family.

As I got older I learned how to process the foods for canning. That gave us some great eating during the winter months. Today, I love to can my own food from our garden. I have even learned to process the food in a pressure cooker. Did I say “pressure cooker”? I never thought I would use a pressure cooker canner. I was afraid I would break the jars or explode the canner from too much heat. Well, so far so good. I have not exploded or broken one single jar!

Our neighbors rave about our garden!

Our garden now produces some of the nicest, biggest produce in our neighborhood. Our neighbors rave about our garden. The one neighbor also makes his own garden. He says he has the same conditions to grow a garden as we have, but his produce just isn’t like ours. He raves about the size of our potatoes, tomatoes,  cucumbers,  onions,  etc.

We always have more than enough for ourselves so we put the excess veggies on the “free” community table for the rest of the neighbors to enjoy.

The purpose of my website is to offer tips, tricks & recommendations to help you have an awesome veggie garden too.

I hope you enjoy this website and what I have to offer and thank you for dropping by.