Aquaponics Gardening

Hydroponic Gardening – An Age Old Process.

What’s the difference between hydroponics and aquaponics gardening?

Have you ever thought about an indoor gardening such as hydroponic gardening?

A system where you can grow vegetables year round indoors.  This has become a very interesting subject to me. And even beyond that is “aquaponics” which has fish doing some of the work for us.

A Few Facts About Hydroponics Gardening:

Hydroponics gardening is gardening without soil. It has been around for thousands of years.

One of the seven wonders of the world is the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. It is thought to be one of the first “hydroponic” gardens. The plants were not rooted in soil like our traditional gardens. Although there is no proof of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon ever existing, it is said that the gardens were built on terrace-like levels and perhaps watered from the bottom of the terrace with a pump system of some kind.

Also, The Floating Gardens of China is a different concept of hydroponics. These floating gardens were built on rafts that floated in the rivers and tethered to a tree along the banks of the river.

It wasn’t until about 1950 that scientist started experimenting with “no soil” gardening. Other countries have since used it with amazing results.

Aquaponics Gardening – Let The Fish Fertilize The Water!

Another system is “aquaponics” gardening which is so much easier on the body than traditional gardening. The aquaponics system has been around for about 300 years. This system uses fish excrements to fertilize the water that is used to water the plants. Growing the fish you like to eat provides you with fresh fish for dinner, too!

Aquaponics is also a healthier way to growing your own fruits and vegetables. You will have a better yield of crops in less time requiring less work once the system is set up.

Aquaponics recycles the water in the system. Foods can grow in droughts and areas with little water. Growing indoors means less pests to deal with.  Due to the naturally fortified water from the fish, the plants grow faster.

Click here to learn more about Aquaponics and learn all the how-to’s to starting an Aquaponics garden.

No more back breaking bending over, weeding and hoeing.….oh my aching back! Speaking of aching backs…..I’m beginning to think about planting potatoes in containers to avoid having to dig them out by hand! More on potato planting and harvesting later. Guess there’s no way to grow them in an Aquaponics garden??? Or is there?

There’s more to come about Aquaponics gardening…..check back often.